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Here's Why I Launched Charisma Boost

Hi, everyone. I'm Heather Lloyd-Martin -- and welcome to Charisma Boost!

I am so excited to launch this site. Because for so long, I've wanted to specialize in working with Gen X and Millennial women to help them broadcast their brilliance, establish their expertise, and confidently claim their work.

I started this site for three reasons.

The first one is because -- and you've heard this a lot -- business is different now. How we communicate online and onstage is different now.

So we can't go back to what we did before the pandemic and figure a "spray and pray" LinkedIn strategy will work and get people flocking to our virtual door.

It's not going to work. It's going to tune people out.

And so what I love to do is help women tap into their abilities and find a way to communicate authentically, online and offline.

The second reason I started this site is that I have talked to so many women who have worked in-house for years and are established experts in their field.

And the second they decide to launch their own business, suddenly, they're afraid to charge what they're worth.

Instead of stepping up and saying, "This is what I charge, and this is what I offer," they make themselves small. They're afraid that their clients won't pay that much. Or they're afraid it's unfair if they charge whatever they're thinking about charging to a client.

What I love to do in these situations is help women tap into their brilliance and realize that yes, they can charge that. And not only can they charge that amount, but there are also ways that they can structure their sales proposals to that they don't have to work as hard for the money. They can make more by throwing in value-added things.

The prospect loves it because they're getting exactly what they want. And on your end, it's a lot easier.

And finally, the third reason I launched this site is... the first two things I talked about were all around business, expanding yourself online, and being seen as an expert.

But there is also interpersonal communication, talking to someone one-on-one and making sure you're heard. And this could be in your personal relationships. It could be whenever you're communicating with a group. Or anytime you want to ensure that your voice is considered an expert authority -- and you want to step up and expand into your space.

So thank you again for visiting my site. I'll be posting tips on how to write SEO content, public speaking, and how to create sales proposals that people can't wait to sign and say yes to.

Please stay tuned.

If you have any questions, let me know, and if you would like to work together, please contact me. I'd love to get to know you and hear all about you. Thanks so much.

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