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How could a sales communication coach increase your income?

Working with Heather is one of the best decisions I have ever made. While I have always been a big believer in investing in a mentor, one doesn’t always receive bang for one’s buck, but Heather’s guidance has made an enormous impact on my business; in fact, since working with Heather, I have more than 4X’d my income. Engaging, dedicated, knowledgable, and supportive,

Heather has provided the expert guidance I needed to scale my copywriting business—fast. She always makes herself available to support with immediate requests and offers sound, tangible advice, while keeping business fun. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend Heather as a mentor.

-Camilla Carboni, Luxury Brand Copywriter and Consultant

Confidently Write Money-Making Proposals – And Get That Cash!

Does this sound like you when you’re writing a sales proposal?


You know you can help your new prospect with everything they need. But when it comes to putting words (and numbers!) on a page, your mind goes blank, and the second-guessing starts.


Maybe you’ve fallen into the “giving away too much” trap because you want to show what you know – but then you don’t get hired because you’ve already given away your knowledge. Maybe you’re so afraid of losing the client that you stack your proposals with too many deliverables – and charge too little. Or maybe a slimy voice in your head keeps whispering, “Your prospect won’t pay that much. You need to lower your price if you want the job.”


Screw that.


As GenX and Millennial women, we often have problems asking for money and setting client boundaries. We give in to “can you reduce your rate?” or “can you throw in this one thing?” demands because we want to be nice. We want to help the prospect. But it’s not okay for us.


Working all the time for too little money is not okay. Feeling like you have to prove yourself by undercharging and overdelivering is not okay. Let’s change that – because you can.



  • Learning how to use the right words to sell your stuff. I’ll check out your sales proposal and record a Loom video outlining what’s awesome – and what could use a makeover.

  • One-on-one help with me! After receiving your video, we’ll chat during our 60-minute sales communication coaching call, where you can ask questions and get feedback. I’ll even zip over the recording so you can listen again and take notes. 

  • Getting even MORE support with round two feedback.  Review your notes, make your tweaks, and send me round two for review! I’ll take a peek and send you a Loom video with additional feedback.


Quit leaving money on the table. Order your Sales Proposal Analysis now.


Boost Your Income with Profitable Sales Proposals

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