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Heather Lloyd-Martin, ACC

Badass SEO Brand Messaging Trainer + Consultant 

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In the mid-90s, I quit my dead-end marketing coordinator job and went all-in on the World Wide Web. I built a successful online business through the power of a glitchy AOL dial-up connection, where I wrote website sales copy and freelanced for online magazines.


Little did I know that my gamble on the WWW would result in a life-changing career. Together with a core group of extraordinary professionals, I helped start the SEO industry and nurture it into its current state. Back then, I saw how geeky SEO coding interplayed with smart copywriting  – and how well-written content sprinkled with search terms helped pages land better search positions. 


This new “writing for search engines” niche (otherwise known as SEO writing) established how we write website and blog post content today.

Forbes magazine even called me “the pioneer of SEO copywriting.” 

Now, SEO writing is a multimillion- dollar industry.


Over the years, I’ve consulted with search engines, trained top brands, and chaired the Direct Marketing Association’s Search Engine Marketing Council. I’ve been interviewed for or cited in a plethora of articles, books, and podcasts. Additionally, I’ve taught thousands of people on-stage, online, and through podcasts and training videos – including my SEO Copywriting Certification training (now in its 10th year.) I’m even an instructor for LinkedIn.


Is it fun teaching people how to get great Google positions and grow their businesses? Yes. 


But you know what I find more fun? Empowering Gen X women to broadcast their brilliance, establish their expertise, and confidently claim their worth.


That’s why in 2018, I returned to school and became an Associate Certified Coach, adding coaching services to my 20+-year content communication expertise. Additionally, since 80 percent of communication is nonverbal, I’ve dived into body language strategies and worked directly with Michael Grinder, the father of nonverbal communication. 


What does this mean to you? My business and marketing knowledge helps you broadcast your brand – while my coaching insights help you untangle your brain, bust through limiting beliefs, and tap into your inner brilliance.

Thank you so much for today…I really just let it all out  lol
But for real, thank you. I appreciate you and adore you. I know I never would feel judgement from you, only love. I meant what I said today…you feel safe, open, excited by growth and honesty. And you’re a shit ton of fun 😄 You’re really special! I feel honored to be in your orbit. I feel like I very much needed you. I feel empowered by you, with you. You have really been pivotal in my life, I bet waaay more than you could imagine. Can we say Guru? 🤩Hahaha Ahhh, I just love you and I had to tell you! 😘

Sarah Paulus, stylist

Why am I so passionate about helping women step into their power?


Aging gracefully is bullshit. I want to help you age powerfully and reclaim your inner fire.


I’ve seen too many women of our generation stay in our comfort zones and take what we can get– even if we have decades of industry experience. We notice new grey hairs, start feeling ignored and worry that we’re aging out when we’re supposed to be leaning in. We wonder if we’re “too old” for public speaking or too "set in our ways" to change how we showcase our value, negotiate our worth, and communicate with friends and lovers.


Here’s the thing…You are amazing. Your age and experience are beautiful assets that can be communicated, celebrated, and well-compensated. And I would LOVE to show you how to do it.


I adore helping women uncover hidden negotiation and nonverbal blind spots that cost them time and money. I find childlike joy in helping women write high-paying sales proposals that get an immediate “Hell yes, where do I sign?” from the client.


Seeing a woman’s personal branding flip from “who’s that?” to “did you hear she’s waiting list only?” puts a smile on my face. I can’t wait to help you uplevel your skills, speak your mind, and showcase your spectacular expertise.


Isn’t it time?

Throughout my life, I’ve been a catalyst, helping people catapult from their “old life” and gracefully glide to where they’re meant to be.


I can’t wait to do that for you and to help you see how incredible you really are. 


I live outside Portland, OR in a LAT relationship with my husband and two furbabies. I love mid-century modern everything, Palm Springs, kayaking, and apple-filled donuts. My happy place is snuggling up in a comfy chair, drinking a latte, and enjoying a book on a breezy, sunny beach. With pie.


Learn more about my personal branding and communication coaching services.

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