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How could an SEO copy coach help you be seen – everywhere?

Even through the video screen, Heather was reassuring and understanding of the challenges the editors faced and their concerns. With PowerPoints and real-time demonstrations, she clearly explained how SEO works, how to do research without expensive platforms, and offered a road map for editors to follow to go from story idea to SEO-focused assignment.

As important, she reassured our editorial team that the quality of the content is a critical factor when creating digital content. As our team moves forward with creating more digital stories, I am grateful for Heather’s excellent guidance.

Vani Rangachar, Digital Communications Specialist, AAA Southern California

Be Found in Google for More Searches – and Confidently Know Exactly What to Write About

Imagine feeling on fire and connected every time you create content for your website. 


You know how to write content that will grab your reader’s attention and not let go. You know how to find the right keywords and how to use them in the copy. Plus, you know how to pinpoint all the tasty topics your target reader wants to learn more about. You can have this feeling. I can show you how.


Maybe you hired someone to “do your SEO,” and all you got was a pretty site with zero traffic. Maybe you’ve looked into SEO writing, but you’re afraid it’s too technical. Or maybe, you’ve tried a few things, but adding keywords made your copy sound weird. You feel your website is like a pretty coffee table book that nobody ever sees. You ache to connect with more readers and to be found for more searches. 


As GenX and Millennial women, creating powerful content that shares our truth and spreads our message is where we can shine. In fact, I created the SEO writing industry over 20 years ago and I’ve helped thousands of women understand how Google “thinks.” I’m the person to work with when you’re ready to step into the Google search engine spotlight.


It’s your turn to share your message and see it position in Google search results.


It’s your turn to understand precisely how your readers are searching and transform yourself into a thought leader. It’s your time to take back control of your SEO content and step into the Google spotlight.

SEO content writing is a skill you (or your writer) can learn. Here’s how we can pinpoint your next SEO steps.



  • Learning all about your low-hanging SEO content fruit opportunities. Discover your top five most impactful SEO writing traffic-boosting tactics. I’ll review your site and record a Loom video clarifying the easy next steps you can take. 

  • Getting your SEO questions answered in real-time. I’ll answer your questions during our 60-minute SEO content coaching call, helping you find even more SEO opportunities and clarify the next steps. I’ll even zip over the recording so you can listen again and take notes.  

  • Making sure you’re doing everything right with content reviews! I’ll review two web pages and record a Loom video with easy tweaks you can make.

  • Easy-scan SEO writing checklists you can refer to over and over. 

  • Plus, I’m including free, 30-day access to Semrush (a $119.95 value) so you have everything you need to research keyphrases and find new topic ideas.


Are you ready to experience the power of strategic SEO content? Let’s get started!


Influence Your Audience with Top-Positioned SEO Content

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