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How could a public speaking coach help you boost your confidence?

Heather is an amazing speaker at both in-person and online events. She consistently earns high scores from attendees for both her actionable content and engaging presentation style. That's the reason I have invited Heather back over and over to speak at different industry events for many years. Heather's charisma and knowledge would make her an excellent presentation skills coach as well.

Kathy Bushman, Director, Event Content, Third Door Media

Connect with Your Audience Faster  – And Confidently Share Your Brilliance On-Stage and Online

How do you feel when you’re on stage and presenting to a group?


Do you feel that magical energy flow between you and your audience as you confidently share your message while matching your body language, breathing, and pacing to the presentation? Or do you find yourself hiding behind the podium and making yourself small?


Maybe you’ve tried to peek out from the podium, but you’re unsure what to do with your body or your hands. You find yourself feeling super self-conscious around every gesture and step. Maybe you don’t feel as confident or sound as authoritative as you’d like. You’re worried that audience members are tuning you out, and you’re not being heard or making an impact. Or maybe you’re having a hard time “clicking” with some audiences. Sure, you get your message across – but you’re stumbling over your words and rehashing every mistake after you get off the stage. Sometimes, you wonder if you’ll ever get it right.


It’s time to let that shit go. 


As GenX and Millennial women, it’s hard to step into the spotlight and be seen. We’re used to letting the light illuminate others – so when it’s our time to shine, we don’t let our natural charisma sparkle through bold and bright.


It’s your turn to step into your brilliance and discover how to captivate your audience. It’s your turn to figure out how to move your body and use your voice – in every situation. It’s your time to shine on stage like the brilliant fucking diamond you are.

Public speaking and nonverbal communication skills are things you can learn. 




  • Ensuring your body language and voice match your message. Are you saying one thing while your body language is saying something completely different?  I’ll analyze a 10-minute video of you on stage or online and record a Loom video outlining some easy ways you can convey your message better.

  • One-on-one help with me! After receiving your video, we’ll chat during our 60-minute public speaking communication coaching call, where you can ask questions and get feedback. I’ll even zip over the recording so you can listen again and take notes. 

  • Getting your speaker pitch or webinar noticed. Don’t suffer from low participation rates because your brilliance isn’t showing through. We’ll comb through a webinar sign-up page or your conference speaker pitch and find places to make it pop for your audience.

  • Getting even MORE support with round two feedback.  Review your notes, practice, and send me a round two for another review! I’ll take a peek and send you a Loom video with additional notes.

Ready to feel your charisma sizzle from the stage? Let’s get started!


Captivate Your Audience – On-Stage and Online

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