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How could a LinkedIn coach help you connect with more people?

When you venture out on your own, it’s great to have someone you can rely on to talk through those questions or challenges you would never have imagined. Or, give you a confidence boost when you’re feeling imposter syndrome set in. Heather has been such a strong support to me since day one.

She’s genuine, kind, and truly cares about helping others succeed.

Richele Black, B2B Content Consultant

Showcase Your Expertise and Connect on LinkedIn – Powerfully and Profitably

Is your current LinkedIn profile a boring, black-and-white version of your story?


Sure, your profile shares the basics. But you sound like everyone else, and your unique smarts aren’t showing. Instead of showcasing your brilliance and branding you as an industry leader, your profile feels monochrome and dull — and you don’t know what’s wrong or how to change it. You’ve heard LinkedIn is supposed to be a great place to drive leads…but it’s just not working for you.


Maybe it feels weird writing about yourself, and you’re unsure how to share your story and passion – and do it in a way that makes you easily findable. Plus, messaging other people on Linked In feels weird and sales-y. You’ve tried multiple times but can’t make the words flow. 


Maybe you’re worried that people will read your profile and think, “Wow, she sounds full of herself. Why would I hire her?” So you pull back on your accomplishments instead of going big.


Or you’re worried that your past successes are “too old” or “too different” and don’t count. People won’t care. So you leave them out of your About page story because you’re not ready to step into the spotlight.


It’s time to transform your black-and-white story into bright technicolor profile pops of personality, authority, and calls to action. It’s time to shimmy into that spotlight and feel that light shining on you warm and bright. It’s time to make your readers fist-pump the air while reading your LinkedIn profile. And, it’s time to leverage LinkedIn’s powerful platform to work for YOU!


As GenX and Millennial women, it can feel weird talking about our achievements and showcasing our successes. We may feel so concerned about “too-old achievements” or sounding bitchy instead of smart, that we don’t feel okay telling people how fucking amazing we are. 


I’m here to tell you that you are amazing and deserve so much more.


You deserve a LinkedIn profile that makes you feel giddy whenever you read or share the copy with a prospect. You deserve to discover a new way of DMing prospects that feels easy and natural – and doesn't make you feel like an icky spammer.

You deserve to turn up your accomplishments to a Spinal Tap 11. 




  • Learning actionable ways to make your story “click” with your reader. I’ll review your LinkedIn profile and record a Loom video outlining how you can leverage your expertise and LinkedIn’s algorithm to make your expertise pop off the page.

  • One-on-one help with me! After receiving your video, we’ll chat during our 60-minute personal branding communication coaching call, where you can ask questions and get feedback. I’ll even zip over the recording so you can listen again and take notes. 

  • Geting even MORE support with round two feedback.  Review your notes, tweak your About page, and send me round two for review! I’ll take a peek and send you a Loom video with additional feedback.

Aren’t you ready to finally step into the spotlight? Order your Authority LinkedIn Review now.


Authority – Drive Leads with a Kick-Ass LinkedIn Profile and Messaging that Connects.

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