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How would private coaching sessions transform your life?

"I feel so blessed to have trained with Heather. Aside from being an expert SEO copywriter, content guru, and coach, she is also an amazing human being. She is so generous with both her time and knowledge, and she goes way beyond that.

In an age of cookie-cutter-coaching and phone-it-in-phoneys she is a blast of fresh air - the real deal. I knew working with her would be good but little did I know what an impact she would have on my whole life! Thanks to Heather I not only have world-class technical skills but I also know that I am more than enough. Thank you, Heather!"

Lucy Edge, Brand Strategist

Untangle Everything in Your Brain, Reach Your Marketing Goals with Ease - and Powerfully Ask for What You Want

You’ve got…a lot…tangled up in your brain. You’ve taken classes, read books, and made changes – but no matter what you try, certain things in your relationship, workplace, or business aren’t clicking. You’re still not getting the results you want. You can’t figure out the next steps.


It all feels so freakin’ frustrating– and you’re ready to make a change.


Maybe your site content isn't working because your messaging is a tiny bit off – and that mini-disconnect causes readers to tune out. You want to work with someone one-on-one to revisit your message, reach your audiences in new ways, and create content your readers (and Google) love.


Maybe you’ve been told that you want too much — or what you want is too weird. You’re used to blending into the background and speaking up in groups (or for yourself) gives you a bad case of the stress-sweats. You’re looking to work with someone to help you find the right words (and ways) to speak with authority, have difficult conversations, and ask for what you want. 


Or maybe you’re ready to step into the leadership limelight and you need help to bring your branding dreams into a brilliant, eye-popping reality. You want to uplevel your skills fast – and value working one-on-one with a trusted, no-B.S. mentor.


This is what I love to do.


I love helping GenX and Millennial women recapture their clarity, rearrange their mindsets and explore new ways of connecting. I love helping women boldly speak their minds -- in business, in the bedroom, and in their relationships. I love to help smart women bust through old programming, cast off that dusty invisibility cloak, and be seen as a charismatic leader who knows what she wants – and goes after it.


I’m here to fuel your inner badass.

Want to work directly with me?


Reach out and share a little about yourself, what you need untangling, and your big honkin’ goals. I love to hear about big honkin’ goals.



  • Sales negotiation

  • Google branding and SEO content

  • Site messaging evaluation and creation

  • Boundary setting at work or with clients

  • Living apart together (LAT) negotiations and communication

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • Public speaking skills


Transform your communication skills…and your life.

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