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Here's Why Gen X Women Need to Build Their Personal Brand...and How to Do It.

You’ve probably seen articles on LinkedIn or Forbes explaining why personal branding is essential for Gen X women over 50. All the posts outline similar benefits, including…

  • Build your credibility!

  • Gain respect from your peers!

  • Position as an expert!

Yes, these advantages are important—I even discuss them in my new ebook, “Don’t You (Forget About Me): How Slow Branding Helps Gen X Women Transform Into Thought Leaders and Leave a Legacy.”

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Still, many women treat personal branding as a luxury they don’t need. Hiring someone to help them write content or to spruce up their LinkedIn profiles feels indulgent and…weird. 

Benefits like “credibility” feel nice to have. But are they necessary – especially for mid-career women?

Yes. Yes, they are.

Here’s the reality most people don’t tell you…

Personal branding for women over 50 (hell, at any age) is important because of one simple word.


(Check out this video for your blast from the 1986 past).

You see, those articles don’t discuss the dark reality lurking below the surface…

The older we get, the more shit that happens that can slice our income and knock us for a loop.

  • Our partners or parents get ill, and we have to figure out how to maintain or exceed our current income while working less.

  • Our relationship ends, and we’re scrambling to make money and move households while managing our trauma.

  • We get laid off from our jobs – or our current business no longer serves us. Suddenly, we’re trying to get money in the door while dealing with a massive identity shift.

Your personal brand is your golden ticket, helping you claw back control in seemingly uncontrollable situations.

  • It’s easier to switch jobs or completely pivot careers when people know who you are, love what you do, and are eager to work with you. 

  • Instead of feeling (understandably) victimized or lost, having a solid personal brand lets you surf the stress rapids a little easier. 

Think you’re safe, and shit won’t happen to you? 

I was blissfully like that too.

I thought my life was bulletproof – until my husband had a TIA (mini-stroke), I had a

false-positive cancer test that took months to figure out, ChatGPT rocked the content industry (my known brand focuses on SEO writing), and I realized I wanted to switch up my business and do things differently.

All within 16 months. It sucked.

There’s a high probability you’ve gone through similar stuff.

My story has a happy ending – my hubby is doing great and playing in hockey tournaments. I’m cancer-free and running 5Ks again. My business switch-up took some time – and now I’m finding that working as a fractional CMO while I consult and speak about personal branding is perfect. 

But here’s the thing…

I could jump faster to being a fractional CMO and consultant because people knew who I was, were familiar with my expertise, and trusted me. 

The pivot was easier. 

When your personal brand is strong:

  • You can build income streams based on your expertise, giving you flexible working hours and additional income. I’ve worked with women caregiving for their partners and helped them build service offerings that drove income without extra stress.

  • You can more easily walk away from relationships (and clients) who no longer serve you when you’re financially secure and well-branded.

  • Switching career paths is easier when your network knows you’re brilliant and can support you when you pivot.

Plus, there are some freakin’ cool lifestyle benefits when your personal brand is tight and wired.

  • Fun consulting opportunities and speaking gigs flow your way, allowing you to work with engaged, intelligent people.

  • The ease of knowing you can take a day off (or a week – or a month!) worry-free.

  • The freedom to say no to so-so opportunities and free yourself from the chains of obligation.

  • The ability to give your friends and family experiences that previously “there was no time to do.”

Excited about the possibilities and want to work with me? Send me a note!

I’ve been able to take an entire month off from my business to raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Sure, I planned the logistics for six months, but I also used my personal brand to drive business and bank the income I needed.

How old is “too old” to build your personal brand?

You’re never “too old.” 

And it’s not too late. 

Your skill sets  – and what you offer – are better, stronger, and deeper than ever before. 

Although you may suffer from imposter syndrome, you no longer have to feel invisible. You’re not a Gen X slacker because you’ve neglected your LinkedIn profile. 

Here are six things to review:

  1. Review your LinkedIn photo. If you don’t love your headshot, change it. Get professional photos and a session with a makeup artist (if makeup is your jam.) If you don’t love your photo, you won’t feel comfortable posting comments and driving people back to your profile.

  2. Check out your LinkedIn profile as if you were a possible client or employer. Does it reflect your accomplishments in a conversational style? Or does your profile make you want to fall asleep? 

  3. If you have a business website and sell products or services– does the writing sound like you? Or is it dull and personality-free? Hint: If you apologize whenever you send someone to your site, it’s time for an overhaul. My clients love my co-writing services, where we create content together and make sure the copy sounds like a conversation. Connect with me if you want to learn more.

  4. Take a peek at your current testimonials and endorsements. If asking for testimonials feels weird, try the HEART method.

  5. How good do you feel presenting on Zoom or in groups? Do you feel like your audience is falling asleep while you stress about what to do with your hands? Minor refinements to your presentation can crank up your charisma and help you connect—without making you feel fake.

  6. Is your personal story and your “why” clear? In today’s AI-driven world, people crave authentic storytelling and real-life connection. Plus, chances are you’re a badass bitch with a bunch of smart things to share. Speak your mind. Tell your story. People want to hear from you.

Reviewing your personal brand is a lot like cleaning out your closet. You’ll see what’s outdated, discover what no longer “fits,” and develop a new personal style.

A branding refresh that reflects your badass Gen X style is often the first step in regaining the control you’ve wanted.

In the wise words of Janet Jackson, “Make your life a little easier/ When you get the chance, just get control.”

Isn’t it time to give your personal brand the refresh it deserves?

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