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How to Gather Client-Driving Testimonials With the HEART Method

Are your clients not giving you the client-attracting testimonials you need?

You are not alone.

Hello friends! I’m Heather Lloyd-Martin, and I’m excited to share the Slow Branding HEART method for gathering great testimonials.

Now, asking for a testimonial puts a LOT of pressure on your client. Your client may not know what to say, how to write it, or what you want to see.

I created the HEART testimonial method because I saw so many women diligently asking for testimonials, but their clients would either ghost them or write something unhelpful, like, “I liked working with Heather, and she did a good job.”

Yeah, that’s not going to help sell a prospect. 🙂

So, the HEART method is a win/win for you AND your client.

From your client’s perspective, the testimonial ask has a straightforward structure they can follow, so they’re not staring at a blank page wondering what to write.

And from YOUR perspective, the HEART testimonial structure leads to juicy, benefit-driven testimonials and helps tell a story that connects with your prospects.

Here's how you can use the HEART method to ask for a testimonial

The H stands for “Hesitation” – as in, “What was your biggest hesitation around hiring me?”

Although this seems like a weird question, the answer helps overcome objections other prospects may have around hiring you.

For example, your client may write, “She was more expensive than other people I spoke with, but she understood our requirements faster than anyone else.” If other prospects were concerned about cost, hearing another client discuss your value may calm their fears.

The E stands for “Engage” – as in, “What was the MAIN reason you chose to engage my services? Asking for the top reason allows your prospect to share their decision process and explain what made you stand out above other candidates.

The A stands for “Action” Here, you can ask, “What’s one action I took that made your life easier and helped you reach your goals?” This gives your client the opportunity to discuss how your work has benefitted them. Plus, asking for just one action keeps the client from feeling overwhelmed and trying to think of multiple things to list.

The R stands for “Results” (I bet you knew that was coming!)

Some clients can freely share traffic numbers and financial increases. Other clients may need to share more general information. Asking, “What results did you see after working together – please be as specific as possible” allows the client to share as much as she can while still singing your praises.

Finally, the T stands for the TOP benefit your client experienced while working with you. Asking, “What’s the BIG reason you’ve enjoyed working with me and would recommend me to others” gives your client another opportunity to discuss how you’ve helped them.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the HEART testimonial ask method! I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments – how did asking for a testimonial the HEART way work for you?

And if you’re ready to stop feeling invisible, step into the spotlight, and get paid what you’re worth, contact me about my 4-month Slow Branding coaching and consulting program. See you there!

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