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Are You Feeling the Slow Branding Vibe?

Wow, my post on Slow Branding hit a nerve – especially with folks who have invested in their branding in the past and still felt like something wasn’t quite right.

(If you missed it, I defined Slow Branding as a way to authentically tap into your story, reflect on your message and audience, and gradually produce legacy work. You’re moving more slowly to connect more deeply with your core audience – instead of trying to be everywhere and serving everyone.)

I heard from so many Gen X’ers, Millennials – and yes, even Boomers, who flowed with my Slow Branding vibe. They shared how their subject matter expertise is deeper and more nuanced than it was ten or twenty years ago. They know they bring more to the table.

At the same time, they don’t want to brand themselves as they did ten or twenty years ago. They don’t have the same competitive FOMO they had back in the day.

It’s not… them.

As one of my dearest friends wrote:

“It’s interesting/funny/frightening how people our age used to go to lots of rock concerts, ski trips, and weddings, and later went to lots of conferences, family vacations, and class reunions, and NOW are going outside to tend their gardens, and keeping in touch with family and a few good friends, and tracking obits. Things definitely take on a different perspective. Maturity and good judgment are wonderful, as is the ability to not give a shit about so many more things!”

It doesn’t mean these folks are out of the game or slowing down. It just means they’re being more mindful about how they spend their time and how they want to leave their legacy.

They no longer want to jump on a plane and fly from event to event, record daily videos, or write massive amounts of content. Nor do they want to take a bunch of free brand-building classes and read bunches of blog posts.

They don’t have time. It doesn’t sound fun. Been there, done that.

(Maybe that sounds familiar. If you’ve felt a similar resistance, know you’re not alone. 😉)

Instead, people who dig the Slow Branding vibe prefer to invest in one or two experts who “see” them, can call them on their shit, and can help them grow – slowly.

And that’s a hugely important point:

Working with someone who sees the WHOLE you and helps you slowly uncover your story is crucial.

For example, I once chatted with a personal branding consultant who thought she had me all figured out.

In less than one hour during our first interaction, she defined my niche market (public speaking consulting), devised an on-the-spot marketing plan (daily TikTok videos), and brainstormed possible coaching package pricing.

I know for some, hearing a personal branding consultant tell them, “Here’s what I think you should do, now hire me so we can make it happen,” would be exhilarating.

FINALLY, someone was telling them what to do.

For me, it was terrifying. No matter how smart that woman was, I knew there was no way she could “get me” in a 60-minute, getting-to-know-you conversation.

She wasn’t asking more questions about my story and how I would integrate it into my branding. She wasn’t seeing ME.

She told me what to do without digging into my story and values.

She was fast, and I wanted slow.

I’m all for moving out of my comfort zone, but I needed someone to help me go deeper and find what was right for me – not jump on the first opportunity.

And I’m so happy I did.

As I mentioned in my last post, going through the excruciating process of digging deep and figuring out my why helped refine my brand message. My wonderful coach helped me untangle my story and encouraged me to stop playing so fucking small.

I’ve successfully pivoted from “The Grandmother of SEO” (yes, I’ve been called that before) to who I am today.

That’s a big deal. You can have that too.

Does the Slow Branding movement resonate with you?

Are YOU ready for the Slow Branding movement? Leave a comment and let me know what resonates with you!

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