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​Personal Branding + SEO Content Consulting for Badass Mid-Career Women

Isn’t it time to transform yourself from feeling being seen, heard, and boldly taking up space?

Discover how to ask for what you want, boost your charisma, and be seen as a trusted, authoritative resource. No-B.S. personal branding and SEO content consulting for mid-career women like you who crave to confidently and powerfully communicate your message:


groups and one-on-one

On stage 

virtual and live events


your website, sales proposals, & LinkedIn

As seen in


Broadcast Your Brilliance. Establish Your Expertise. Confidently Claim Your Worth.

You’ve got years of experience and practical know-how. You know your stuff, and you do it well. But when it comes to sharing your value, telling your story, and communicating with others, you feel a little...stuck. 

Maybe your about page or sales proposals don’t showcase your brilliance – and you know a few changes could mean cushier clients and more money. 

Or you may be new to online or in-person public speaking and have no idea how to move your body or what to do with your hands. You’re afraid you’re not “clicking” with some audiences, and you want to build your on-stage charisma and get folks to listen. 

Or you need help having a difficult conversation with a challenging client – or telling your partner or boss what you need. You’re aching to share what’s on your mind and in your heart, and you’re searching for someone who can help you discover a different communication groove. 

Up to now, you’ve been okay with things being so-so and not speaking your mind. You’ve been okay with feeling invisible. But now, you’re feeling deep inside that you HAVE to make a change. It’s your turn to step into the spotlight. It’s your turn to get paid what you’re worth. It’s your turn to ask for what you want – and get it.

Working with me 1:1 for personal branding and business consulting can help you:

Build your brand

Influence your audience with top-positioned SEO content

Build authority with your LinkedIn profile and messaging strategy

On stage 
Spread your message

Captivate your audience with public speaking

Boost your income with profitable sales proposals 

Speak your mind

Transform your communication and work private with me


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Heather Lloyd Martin 2022

About Heather Lloyd-Martin

80’s and 90’s music lover. Scrunchie-owner. Keynote speaker. Industry mentor. In 1998, I started the SEO Copywriting industry and helped hundreds of brands and individuals improve their messaging and shoot to the top of Google’s search results. Over the years, I’ve presented on hundreds of stages – from Amsterdam’s Carré to the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business …and even in a Portland, OR dive bar. Learn how my straight-talking style can give you the clarity and charisma boost you crave.

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