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Transform your words into wealth.

SEO brand messaging for Gen X women and purpose-driven companies.


Imagine loving your brand message -- and converting like crazy! 

Isn't it time to have brand messaging showcasing how brilliant you are? I love helping mid-career, Gen X women, and purpose-driven companies develop laser-focused brand messaging that reflects their brilliance -- and drives leads. If you remember scrunchies and blue eyeshadow, you're in the right place.


groups and one-on-one

On stage 

virtual and live events


your website, sales proposals, & LinkedIn

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Isn't it time for brand messaging that's unapologetically you?

You’ve got years of experience and practical know-how. You excel at what you do. But when it comes to sharing your value, marketing your content, and telling your story,  you feel a little...stuck. 

Maybe you feel invisible in Google. You have pages of content, but it's not positioning, converting, or making you money -- and you have no idea how to fix it. You need to crack the SEO content code, learn what Google wants, and finally, drive quality leads from Google and LinkedIn.

Or, maybe your messaging doesn't feel like you anymore. You're bigger, bolder, and way more experienced -- and you know your site and LinkedIn profile don't reflect the badass you are. You need a way to get "out there," be heard, and drive leads -- without spending every second blogging and posting.

Maybe you're planning your passion business after years of working in-house (woohoo!). You're damn good at what you do, but "brand messaging" is not your Zone of Genius. You need someone to walk you through pricing, product development, content, and customer persona.

Or you may work for a purpose-driven corporation with an amazing mission -- but your pages aren't positioning, and your message isn't being seen. You need some SEO content guidance (and maybe training) to leverage low-hanging fruit opportunities, extend your message, and drive more revenue.​

Up to now, you’ve been okay with feeling a little stuck and invisible. But now, your 3 am brain is telling you it's time to make a change.

Let's talk about how I can help you.

Here's how I help brilliant Gen X women and purpose-driven companies.

Business and executive coaching

Tired of being in your head all the time? Let's untangle your brain, find new opportunities, and shorten your learning curve.

On stage 
Slow Branding

Create messaging that sounds like you and attracts your perfect client -- without spending hours on blogging and social (I mean, who has time for that?)

Corporate SEO content training

Reach more buyers. Make more money. Boost your brand awareness and get seen when your buyers search.


Bold branding tips for badass Gen X women.

Heather Lloyd Martin 2022

About Heather Lloyd-Martin

80’s and 90’s music lover. Scrunchie-owner. Keynote speaker. Industry mentor. In 1998, I started the SEO Copywriting industry and helped hundreds of brands and individuals improve their messaging and shoot to the top of Google’s search results. Over the years, I’ve presented on hundreds of stages – from Amsterdam’s Carré to the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business …and even in a Portland, OR dive bar. 

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